La Source - Fontaine


Antonin Leymarie Magnetic Ensemble

For this new show the Magnetic Ensemble adds 3D video images and multicast sound to its captivating, organic rhythms, in order to immerse the audience in a kind of collective trance. During your journey in the STEREOCLUB, wearing anaglyph glasses, you become a guest in this contemporary masqued ball, entering fantasy worlds made of sounds and sensations, with a story being written before your eyes, a story made of forms, figures or drawings like so many optical illusions. A multi-sensory dive into sounds and images.

Co-hosted by Les Détours de Babel / La Source – Fontaine. Performed as part of « Bien Entendu ! Un mois pour la création musicale (« one month for musical creation ») an event developed by Futurs Composés, a national network for musical creation.