Kakushin Nishihara / Serge Teyssot-Gay / Gaspar Claus

France / Japan
Revisited traditional Japanese music

Kakushin Nishihara : Vocals, biwa
Serge Teyssot-Gay : Guitar
Gaspar Claus : Cello
Thomas Rabillon : Video creation

Kintsugi is a meeting of three musicians with different horizons that converge on the crest of a historical Japanese story: the saga of Yoshitsune, as told by Kakushin Nishihara. A post-modern and underground muse, this Tokyo-based artist demonstrates astonishing mastery of her art, with the greatest respect for a raw, wild and exacting tradition. Her voice and the five strings of her biwa resurrect the yōkai and samurai of an age that will cease to exist when people no longer sing about it. Nishihara unwaveringly performs this song, beset on all sides by the storm whipped up by Serge Teyssot-Gay and Gaspar Claus on electric guitar and cello.