2017 Détours de Babel festival - Myths and legends

From 17 March to 7 April 2017

« Rather than tell, as stories do, the role of the myth is perhaps to repeat, as music does. » Gilbert Durand

Our desires, our dreams, our fears are told in mythical stories whose origin has been lost, in those legends and tales inherited from human imagination and passed on from one generation to the next. The cultural, geographical and political origins provide contexts to those great founding stories conveying universal values. Like music, myths and legends run through all cultures embodying the sound diversity of the world’s representations.

During this 7th edition of the festival, myths and legends from all origins will guide the choice of the concerts and performances offered to the public. We will go on a journey into the most ancient myths, from the metamorphosis of Greek gods to the crossing of the Red Sea, from the Arabian Nights to the Babel Tower, from Orpheus to Faust, etc

We will explore contemporary myths such as artificial intelligence, interstellar sagas, King Kong, or those of the revolution, of the better world, of the fear of the stranger, etc.

We will also follow African gods on their way to the Carribean, the Mongols’ epics , the imaginary creatures of follktales, etc.

Lastly, we will create new fantastic tales from here or elsewhere and invent our own urban legends based on these fantastic creatures living in the Grenoble region …

So many stories about our shared need for magic to tell our human condition and imagine the greatest tales of the future. So many stories to be discovered, re- discovered or invented in music.

Benoit Thiebergien