For a solidarity-based and accessible culture for all

The principle is very simple : you buy a ticket at the cheapest price, and we offer the ticket to someone who cannot afford to buy one, through solidarity organisations. The « solidarity tickets » are available on our website.
Go to www.yesgolive.com/detoursdebabel !


The price of a number of events is left at each spectator’s appreciation. How much are you ready to pay for the show ? You are free to give the amount you can afford, from 1 euro (round figure).
> Sundays at the Museum – the 27th march (Nocturnal) and the 3rd april (Brunch) – Musée dauphinois
> Live music in the lounge – from 24th march to 1st april – Maison de l’International


Students, job seekers, beneficiaries of the RSA, groups, children, subscribers of the venues, subscribers of ALICES, have access to discounted tickets.


Some of our concerts are free : those in collaboration with AIDA and Bièvres-Isère Community, as well as those in public libraries and hospitals.


Bring your friends, family and children to the Détours de Babel ! From 6 or 10 persons (depending on the venue), you are a group and can have access to reduced tickets …
Contact Daphné : 04 76 89 07 16 or jade detoursdebabel.fr

For the open-air shows, and in case of rain, visit the website www.detoursdebabel.fr